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About our Club -  Applying for Club Membership
Details of the simple Application Process, with an Application Form to Print.
You will be made very welcome, and will enjoy the benefits that Membership brings.
Applications for Membership need to be submitted by all new players, seeking to join our Club.
You should ideally come to one of our formal Training sessions, but if we receive an application, and you have not come along to our Club, then, in the process of your joining, you will be invited to see the Club, and meet some of our more senior members.  This is not an interview, but just an opportunity to meet you, and for you to look around our Club; perhaps have a ‘roll-up’, if you wish!
We welcome all new Members, and know that you will enjoy playing bowls at Woodspring IBC, whether you have played bowls before (recently or some time ago), or are new to the sport.  Hopefully you will join one or more of our in-house leagues, and possibly play for our Club in friendly and competitive matches.  If you are already a Member of a local outdoor bowling Club, our Indoor Club will serve to keep you bowling throughout the winter months.
Remember, training and coaching is free to all Members. And, there are social activities through the season.
Full-Playing Membership is available for both Adults and Juniors, the latter paying only one third of the full fees.  Adult Membership is currently £45 for the main Winter Season, plus £10  for the optional Summer Season.  For Juniors, the fees are £15 (winter) and £5 (Summer).
We do also have a separate category of Membership for Visually-Impaired or Registered Deaf people.  The fees charged are the same as for Juniors.  But please be advised that we currently do not have any such Members at our Club.  If any would like to join, then we will do our utmost to fully integrate you into our Club, its matches, and leagues.  However, if several such persons joined, then, in addition, it should be possible to a arrange special playing sessions.
There is a category of Membership for non-bowlers, known as ‘Social Membership’.  The cost is £5 per annum, but is free to non-playing wives and husbands of  'full playing' members.
Applicants joining after the main winter season has started, may have their fees reduced appropriately, actual fees will be provided on the Payment Form. You will receive this form after your application is accepted.
It should be noted that Members are requested to join at least one Club league team, at a cost of £25 per team.  Although this is not mandatory for new members, it is hoped that new Members will join a team, when they are ready, since this provides opportunities to play bowls with other Club members.  But please continue with your bowls training, which is very important if you are to improve your skills and fully realise your potential.
You have the option to have a small locker in which you may store your personal possessions, including your bowls and bowling shoes. These are available for an annual fee of £2, plus a returnable deposit of £5.  Lockers are managed by the Club President (Tony Williams), who will provide you with a locker and key.
Applications for membership will need to be proposed and seconded by existing Club Members.  If you already know someone who plays at our Club, then ask this Member to sign the form.  If you have attended training sessions, then the Coach can sign the form.  However, you do NOT need to get the form proposed before it is submitted.  The Club Members who support your application are required to assist you during your first year of Membership, and they can answer any questions you may have, and ensure that you get the maximum benefit from being a Club Member.
Please send your application (unfortunately no online application yet) to the Club, marked for the attention of the Club Secretary. Upon receipt, the application will be processed. The Secretary will then contact you, confirming your Club Membership, and providing you with relevant Club information, and a payment form.
As a playing Member you will need to adhere to the Club dress code, which is basically whites above the waist, and greys below.  There is a optional white Woodspring Club shirt, with badge and your name(optional), which you can obtain from ‘Promotional Peaks’ in Backwell, or contact Stephen Ash (webmaster) who will arrange to obtain a shirt for you.  Look at our ‘Dress Code’ page.
Our Club looks forward to welcoming you as a Member, and for you to enjoy indoor bowls; your application will not require that you attend any formal interview.