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About our Club -  Dress Code
What clothes you are expected to wear on the Club green.
Relaxation of Dress-Code for non-Members in Training.
White must be worn above the waist. This should be plain (no pattern), although small areas of colour are allowed, such as collar and sleeve edging. Small manufacturer’s logos are permitted, but no other advertising. Shirt badges from other Clubs are tolerated, but only for ‘in-house’ matches.
Plain grey must be worn below the waist, except for certain County matches and Club Competition Finals, where white is worn.
A white blouse or shirt, long or short sleeved. Over the blouse/shirt can be worn a white sleeveless or long-sleeved jumper or cardigan, also, the Ladies official Red Waistcoat (designed for wearing in League Matches) can be worn.
Grey skirts or trousers, length - full or cropped/three-quarter. The wearing of tights and stockings is optional.
A white shirt, with collar, long or short sleeved; the most popular styles being a poly-cotton button-through shirt, or polo-styled shirt. T’ shirts are only permitted as undergarments.  Over the shirt can be worn a white ‘V’ neck sleeveless or long-sleeved jumper, long-sleeved cardigan, or white jacket.
Grey bowling-designed trousers (manufactured by recognised bowls companies), obtained from Sports shops, or plain grey ‘tailored’ trousers. Sports and leisure trousers may be worn providing that they are grey and look smart. Shorts are not permitted.
Proper Bowling shoes are essential. Shoe colours are white, brown or grey. When wearing ‘whites’, white shoes are preferred; white shoes may contain some coloured areas.
Shoes must always be changed into before going onto the rinks. They must NEVER be worn to the Club, and NEVER worn as leisure shoes outside of the Club. Members with a locker are advised to keep their shoes at the Club, together with their bowls.
The Woodspring Club Shirt
Club white polo shirts, and jackets are available - with the Woodspring badge and Member’s name (optional). There are several different manufacturers, and materials available.  These can be purchased through Stephen Ash, or buy direct from ‘Promotional Peaks’, in Rodney Road, Backwell.
Newly-Joined Trainees
When attending Coaching (Training) Sessions, prior to becoming a full-playing Member, any appropriate clothing can be worn, and any colour, providing that it is comfortable.
Leisure shoes can be worn, with clean flat soles and minimum tread (the popular canvas ‘plimsoll’ style shoes are fine). Clean the soles with a damp cloth to remove dirt and grit, and keep these shoes only for bowling. These shoes may continue to be worn after becoming a full-playing Member, until proper bowling shoes are obtained.