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About our Club - A PHOTO TOUR
Photos will be added showing views inside our Club, and outside from the road.
 Plans are also being made to replace the video tour, that was previously featured.
On entry to the Club, a passageway extends down adjacent to the two-rink playing area.  Stairways lead to the upper lounge area. Passing notice boards and Club photos, you will enter the “Players’ Bar, where there are tables for drinks before and after the game.
The Bar itself is only manned when the Club host matches with other Clubs.  At these times the counter may be used to lay out food.  At all other times it is an ‘honesty’ bar; where Members can purchase drinks, which are stored in the cool cabinet, or fridge below.  Tea and coffee may be also be served at the bar.
From the bar area, visitors may watch the game through glass panels, whilst enjoying a drink.
Passing the lockers and Club notice boards, there is the entrance area to the greens.  Within this area are comfortable seats where games can be viewed; this is used by Club Members as a place to ‘get together’ before the game starts (picture left).  It was originally just another locker room, but some Members thought it would be ideal to open the space up as a communal area.
There is also seating in the entrance hall, adjacent to the stairs leading to the upper lounge, together with a ‘bring and share’ library.
Upstairs is an extensive lounge, where social events are held.  There are plenty of tables, and chairs, which are used for suppers, and the playing of games such as bingo, and whist-drives.  There is also ample comfortable seating, with lower tables.  The room is fully carpeted, except for a ‘dance’ area at the end.
The building was previously a Co-operative Supermarket, and it is widely thought that the lounge area was originally the shop offices.  However, we know it was a school extension for Milton junior school, and then a Dancing Club, used by Frank Burrows.
Drinks are conveniently served at the bar,  and food can be prepared in the kitchen, adjacent to the lounge.
Drinks are conveniently served at the bar,  and food can be prepared in the kitchen, adjacent to the lounge.